Al Ain Dairy, UAE

Electric Lifting Trolley

Case Study – Electric Lifting Trolley for Al Ain Dairy Farms : UAE

Project Details:

Al Ain is Middle East’s leading dairy products manufacturer.
Al Ain was looking for a packaging reel lifting and handling solution to reduce employee fatigue in their Al Ain, UAE plant. The plastic reels were above 50 kgs each and were being handled manually before. This required several employees as the reels were heavy to be handled by a single person and also the loading of the reels onto the machine was not easy for new operators.

A TAWI Electric Lifting Trolley (Protema Trolley) with a boom tool that could easily lift the reels off the pallet and load them straight onto the packing machine.

The new implemented system completely reduced load on worker’s back and in turn improved efficiency. It also resulted in reducing the manpower required to lift as the new system changed the process to a one-man operation.
The excellent mobility of the Protema trolley and flexibility to enter tight spaces made life a lot easier for operators.