Colgate Palmolive

Electric lifting trolley

Case Study – Electric Lifting Trolley at Colgate Palmolive Factory, KSA

Project Details:
Colgate Palmolive is world’s leading FMCG manufacturer. Their KSA factory is the manufacturing hub for Colgate products across the GCC region.
The challenge was to lift and load packaging reels weighing more than 40 kilos onto production machines to finish the packaging of Colgate products. The job was traditionally done manually by two or more operators because the job required much precision to load the reels correctly on the machine and the production area was too small to accommodate bulky lifting equipment.

TAWI Electric Lifting Trolley (Protema trolley) with custom made core grippers suitable for lifting and handling custom size reels used by Colgate Palmolive was suggested to the customer. The technical team and TAWI in Sweden designed a core gripper for the electric lifting trolley which would fit the reels perfectly and lift them with ease. The team at Modern Eastern provided a demo machine to the factory for the operators to feel and experience first hand how easy the process becomes with the Protema trolley from TAWI. The results were impressive and resulted in an order for 4 units of Electric Lifting Trolleys for the Dammam factory.
The process now runs smoothly with reduced fatigue and more productivity and at the same time reducing the requirement of operators working too close to each other to lift heavy reels thereby ensuring social distancing.