Case Study – Can Lifting Using TAWI Protema Electric Lifting Trolley

Project Details:
CANPACK is a world leading producer of innovative and environmentally friendly packaging: aluminum beverage cans, glass bottles, metal food packaging and crown caps. Over our thirty years in the business, they have developed a flexible, effective and mutually beneficial strategy of close cooperation with customers. CANPACK’s Dubai manufacturing facility required an innovative lifting solution for picking up heavy pails from the pallets and placing them onto storage racks.

Modern Eastern successfully installed and commissioned TAWI Protema Electric Lifting Trolley which could easily handle this process without any worker fatigue and precision in lifting and placing the cans. We provided them with two different tool sets for operator convenience, the hook tool and the platform tool to easily lift and position these cans on the storage rack. Backed up with Modern Eastern’s local warranty and service and spare support.

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