Al Borj Plastic


Case Study – Al Borj Plastic

Project Details:
Al Borj Plastic Industries LLC is a leading manufacturer of plastic bags and other packaging materials in the UAE. Established since 1996, Al Borj is a leading supplier to major Airline Industries, Municipalities, Ports & Customs, 5 Star Hotels, Catering Services, Pharmaceuticals and Construction Sector in both local market and within the G.C.C. We were contacted by Al Borj to solve an ergonomic lifting solution for their UAE plant which lifting heavy bags at different locations within the plant using vacuum lifting technology that could both increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Modern Eastern supplied TAWI’s jib crane mounted Vacuum Lifter perfectly suited for their application of lifting heavy bags using a vacuum lifter. By mounting the unit on a custom made base the unit can be easily moved from one area to another within the production facility as and when required using a fork lift or a pallet jack.