Neproplast, KSA

Vacuum Sack Lifter
Vacuum Sack Lifter

Case Study – Vacuum Sack Lifter for Neproplast Factory : Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Project Details:
Neproplast is Saudi Arabia’s leading PVC and CPVC manufacturer.

They were looking for a sack lifting solution to reduce employee fatigue in their Jeddah plant. The sacks were above 50 kgs each and were being handled manually / with fork lifts before.

A TAWI Vacuum Sack Lifter specialized to lift sacks easily from the pallet to the production area and vice versa was proposed.

The new implemented system completely reduced load on worker’s back and in turn improved efficiency. It also resulted in reducing the manpower required to lift as the new system changed the process to a one-man operation.

The jib crane covers the entire work area and provides workers with excellent mobility and flexibility which was previously impossible to achieve with a traditional fork lift.