National Supreme

Vacuum Sack Lifter

Case Study – Vacuum Sack Lifting Solution in National Supreme factory, KSA

Project Details:
National Supreme Co. for Ice Cream products is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading food industry manufacturer and owns the popular Al Amal ice cream brand in KSA

They were looking for an ergonomic lifting solution to lift 50 Kg sugar bags in the production area to lift the sacks from the pallet and unload them into the mixer. The main aim was to reduce the manpower and increasing the efficiency of the process and at the same time offering an ergonomic solution which will protect the wellbeing of their most valuable asset, their employees.

Modern Eastern installed the TAWI Vacuum sack lifting unit with a floor mounted jib crane with suction feet suitable for all types of sugar sacks and other raw material sacks handled by the customer. With a 180 degree span and easy operation, the operators were able to move sacks around the area and easily lift and unload the contents into the mixer.