Box Rotator

The Logitrans Box Rotator with adjustable box holders is a unique and flexible box rotator that helps to handle boxes with different widths (adjusted by a handle – widths between 800 mm and 1200 mm).

The box holders for Logitrans box rotators are standard and will be fitted at factory. We offer full customization possibilities for these box rotators to suit all customer needs and conditions.

The Rotator with adjustable box holders can tilt crates and boxes so that you can reach the contents without stretching, bending, and straining your back.

One box holder can manage 1000 kg, also when tilting more than 90°. Depending on the type and weight of the box and the working situation the following can be chosen: Clamp which holds boxes of heights between 635 and 875 mm, when tilted (also 180°). Clamps are recommended when tilting more than 60°.


  • Low maintenance costs – no relays and wearing parts.
  • Tilting function is deactivated when the rotation center is more than 1180 mm or less than 680 mm above the floor.
  • Height adjustment, rotation, and transportation in the same unit
  • Easy to set degree of tilt and rotation speed.
  • Precise and controlled acceleration/deceleration on rotation at start/stop
  • Tilting function is deactivated automatically, when rotating to neutral position
  • Remote control for rotation/lifting/lowering (with cable as standard/wireless as optional extra)
  • Large display – easy to use, easy visual presentation, touch screen.
  • Possible to program e.g. several stops, turning angle, speed, rotation
  • Log function, e.g., operational time, current consumption, number of operations, overload registration, battery status
  • Shows error messages and actual position/turning angle.
  • Supervisor function can be activated to lock the settings.

Modern Eastern is an authorized distributor for Logitrans lifting equipment in UAE, KSA, Bahrain and the rest of GCC. We offer full after-sales service support and spares locally for Logitrans Reel Lifters.

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