Crane System

Discover the power of precision lifting through TAWI’s innovative crane system solutions. From versatile gantry cranes to flexible jib cranes and efficient overhead cranes, our customized systems are designed to elevate your operational capabilities.

Versatile Gantry Cranes for Dynamic Lifting
TAWI’s gantry crane systems are engineered for versatility and adaptability. With a focus on your unique lifting needs, our gantry cranes offer the freedom to manoeuvre heavy loads effortlessly. Whether on the production floor or within a warehouse, our gantry cranes ensure seamless load transportation.

Flexible Jib Cranes for Targeted Manoeuvring
For precision in confined spaces, TAWI’s jib crane systems are the perfect solution. These adaptable cranes provide targeted lifting and placement, optimizing your workspace for optimal efficiency. Our jib cranes come in various configurations to match your specific operational demands.

Efficient Overhead Cranes for Seamless Workflow
Experience the ultimate lifting convenience with TAWI’s overhead crane systems. Our solutions enable you to move goods precisely where they’re needed, minimizing handling time and maximizing productivity. These efficient cranes are designed to streamline your workflow and enhance overall operational effectiveness.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Facility
At TAWI, we understand that every business has distinct requirements. Our crane systems are meticulously tailored to fit seamlessly into your workspace. Whether you opt for ceiling-mounted steel profiles or roof beam-mounted aluminium structures, our systems integrate flawlessly with your environment.

Empowering Productivity, Ensuring Safety
Choose TAWI’s crane systems to empower your workforce and boost productivity. Our advanced systems, operated manually or via remote control, simplify lifting tasks and create a safer work environment. Elevate your operational efficiency while prioritizing the well-being of your employees.

TAWI’s crane systems, including gantry cranes, jib cranes, and overhead cranes, are more than just equipment—they’re a testament to precision, adaptability, and efficiency. Elevate your operations with tailored lifting solutions that redefine the way you work.

Modern Eastern is the authorized distributor for the Tawi Crane System in the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and the extended GCC area. We deliver specialized overhead crane solutions from Tawi and ensure comprehensive post-sales support.

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