Electric Lifting Trolley

Tawi’s modular electric lifting trolley gives you the freedom to lift pretty much anything, anywhere. The ergonomic and user-friendly design of these electric lifting trolleys ensures efficient and ergonomic lifting with full mobility. These robust lifting trolleys offer flexible and efficient handling of reels, drums, containers and more.

  • Lifting capacity: <250 kg
  • Electric lifting trolleys are available in full Stainless Steel models for cleanroom requirements in food and pharma industry. For facilities with high demands on cleanliness, the CR80 mobile electric lifter offers a mobile lifter which can be hose washed with high pressure. All other stainless-steel models have legs, wheels and handles in stainless steel, and battery and electronics covered by an FDA-approved plastic cover.
  • IP-rating: IP24
  • Stroke: 840-1910 mm
  • Battery charging procedure: 100-240 V, grounded 50-60 Hz. Extra battery packs are available on request for continuous working for extended hours if required.
  • Up and down motion: 2-speed hand Control (excl. PRO40)

Efficient workflow with electric lifters.

Lift, move, tilt and rotate, easy and efficient with flexible lifting trolleys.

Lift, tilt and rotate reels or drums with optimal precision and minimal effort. Or simply move goods to where you need them. TAWI Protema are versatile electric lifters that will help you handle most types of goods in an efficient, ergonomic and safe way. Their modular design makes it easy to adapt the lifters to your specific needs, combining purposeful tools, smart safety functions and innovative features for optimal precision. The QuickLoad function helps you program the lifter to stop at exactly the right level, making it easy to stack goods in shelves or mount reels on the machine axis. Flexible legs allow you to adjust the width of the trolley so that you can drive into pallets and reach as far as you need.

Several safety features help ensure safety for both user and load. All models are equipped with a safety mechanism that immediately stops the lifter if the tool hits an object during lowering. This means that the lifter will not tip over, but also ensures that it will not hurt anything that happens to come in the way. The ergonomic design makes the lifting trolleys comfortable and easy to drive, no matter how short or tall you are. Our electric lifters are designed to make your work easy, ergonomic and efficient, wherever you are.

Made in Sweden

Full service and maintenance support available in Saudi, UAE and Bahrain by Modern Eastern’s technicians.

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