Industrial Manipulators

Industrial Manipulators is a mechanical arm, designed to move objects/products practically in any direction in space within a certain working envelope. The manipulator can be guided by a remote control or in most cases manually driven by an operator. Modern Eastern is an official distributor for SICMA Industrial Manipulators from Italy and can provide full installation and after sales support for SICMA Industrial Manipulators.

The use of an industrial Manipulator is usually installed in low to medium volume production & assembly lines.

Advantages of Pneumatic Manipulator

  • High durability and efficiency.
  • No problem operating in dusty and aggressive working environments.
  • No electric wires or cables in the working station.
  • No hazard for operator from electrical voltage.
  • Explosion proof in chemical or other dangerous environment (ATEX certificate).
  • Simple control and low maintenance
  • Simple components and replaceable elements (spare parts).

Advantages of Manipulators over Robots

An automatic robot requires a very precise working area or many sensors to define its working envelope. In the majority of cases when considering the use of a robot within an existing workstation, the entire workstation needs to be redesigned, compared to the use of an Industrial Manipulator. For example, all the components that need to be handled have to be in predefined position when gripping and release. Any dimensional changes of the product to be handled or any layout changes of the work area can lead to a considerable amount of investment for modifications. Always remember that the big advantage of a SICMA Industrial Manipulator is that we “custom make” our units to “adapt” into them into existing work areas. Very seldom do we require particular changes in order to integrate our Manipulator within the work area.

A robot is suggested when the application offers product similarity and in combination requires a very highly intensive time cycle. The structure of the Manipulator and operator performance could never resist against such a low cycle time figure unless you consider the use of multiple manipulators. Therefore, the main application of a robot is when we are in presence of high
volume productions lines. Incorporating industrial robots does not guarantee results. Without planning, companies can have difficulty achieving their goals. Employees will require training in programming and interacting with the new robotic equipment. This normally takestime and financial output.

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