Load Indicator

Tractel® Load indicator is a world leader in industrial load measurement and control. Their products are requested by name by industry professionals around the world. Known for pinpoint accuracy, durability and quality, their devices ensure you have a safe lifting environment, every time. If you require a device to measure mechanical tensions and loads, you can trust Tractel® knowing that their solutions help set the industry standard. Modern Eastern is the authorized distributor for Tractel Load indicators in Saudi Arabia (KSA), UAE and Bahrain. We offer sales and full after-sales services on Tractel’s load indicators, overload control systems, and tensiometers.

Tractel’s load testing equipment is tested to the highest standards and backed by the support of their experienced team of engineers. With a wide capacity range from 20 kg to 250 tonnes, these solutions are reliable, robust and can be customized to integrate with your existing lifting system.

Tractel’s extensive range of load measurement and control devices includes:

  • dynafor™: The industry standard in precision load indicators and monitoring. The dynafor series includes further sub-products: handifor™ digital weigher which is a convenient electronic load indicator including hooks for measuring small weights, quickly and easily, dynafor™ Industrial for capacity range from 1T to 20T, dynafor™ Pro with a capacity range of range from 1T up to 250T, dynafor™ Expert for extreme accuracy for complex projects. All these models are also available with a handheld display (HHD) with a lot of features to effectively monitor loads from a safe distance and connecting multiple devices at the same time for convenience.
  • dynaline™: A solution designed for lifelines. The dynaline™ is an electronic load cell tension meter. Designed to measure the effort applied in a wire rope (lifelines) without having to dismantle the installation. 600daN for wire rope 8-12mm.
  • dynarope™: Measuring tensile strength of wire ropes from 5 mm to > 36 mm
  • dynaplug™: Anchor points resistance measurement up to 5 tonnes. The dynaplug™ anchor tester is an electronic load cell designed to measure anchor strength in construction material. The tool measures traction forces up to 5000 daN. Its shape as a tripod has been especially designed to minimize its influence on the concrete around the fixing. The three legs made in stainless steel can be adapted from 70 mm up to 190 mm high.