Mobile Vacuum Lifter

TAWI’s Mobile Vacuum Lifting solution for mobile material handling and order-picking from pallet racks. Simply pick up the mobile unit with any kind of forklift or truck and drive wherever you need to go. Made in Sweden.

  • Lifting capacity: <80 kg
  • Compatible with any forklift or pallet jack
  • Height adjustment: 500 mm, electronically driven
  • Battery: 24 VDC 180 Ah
  • Battery charge time: 8 hours
  • User-friendly on-board control pane
  • Easy Reach tool provides extended reach into pallet racks
  • Articulating arm for optimal reach
  • Adjustable height facilitates reach into pallet racks
  • Support legs for extra stability
  • Grip boxes from the top or from the side
  • Lift boxes/cans or other items of all sizes, up to 80 kilos
  • Customizations possible

Picking orders on the go has never been easier! TAWI Mobile Vacuum Lifter is compatible with any type of forklift or pallet jack and allows you to pick goods effortlessly with a vacuum lifter.

Streamline your workflow when picking orders by attaching this innovative Mobile Vacuum Lifter to any type of forklift or truck. Drive from pallet rack to pallet rack, picking boxes without effort and placing them on your pallet before you drive to the next rack.

TAWI Mobile Vacuum Lifter is equipped with a vacuum lifter mounted on an articulating jib arm. Various vacuum lifter models can be used depending on the lifting capacity you need, and the jib arm can handle up to 80 kilo loads. The articulating arm offers a great range of motion with a 4-meter diameter working area. Electronically driven height adjustment allows the unit to easily adapt to different lifting heights and height limitations. This is a lifting aid that you can adjust to your requirements, ensuring an efficient workflow, safe for both operators and goods.

Optional Accessory: Easy Reach Tool

An Easy Reach tool on your TAWI Order Picker Machine will enable optimal efficiency in order picking and storage utilization. The Easy Reach tool extends all the way into pallet racks and allows the operator to lift without physical effort. Thanks to the weight distribution of the tool, the operator can stand comfortably in the aisle while lifting a box from the back end of a pallet. No need to bend to reach into the rack or lift in an uncomfortable position. No risk of injury or unnecessary strain on the worker. The Easy Reach tool is an additional accessory and not part of standard equipment. With the Easy Reach tool, you can easily pick goods stacked closely to the shelf above, allowing optimal utilization of storage space. No need to store bulky, heavy goods outside pallet racks anymore.

For additional information or to arrange for a product demo / online meeting please contact us at one of our office contact numbers in KSA, UAE or Bahrain. We do serve customers in other countries in the GCC as well.

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