Pallet Truck

Silent movement – also for outdoor transportation!

Due to the specially designed wheels, you can move heavy pallets effortlessly with our Panther Silent pallet truck. Indoor and outdoor. Nothing sticks to or blocks the wheels – not metallic chips, small stones, or snow!
In addition, the special wheels ensure noise-free transportation – you can simply move around in silence.

This makes this pallet jack a perfect match for every supermarket and every DIY store, if you want to ensure your customers a quiet and peaceful shopping atmosphere, whilst the employees handle and transport different items! The silent transport is also advantageous in buildings with both shops and living quarters.

The wheels are gentle to the fine floor and flagstone layer, which is often used in customer areas. Panther Silent is therefore saving maintenance costs due to wear and damage to flooring, such as flagstones. Panther Silent is a very environmentally friendly pallet truck with a long operating life!


  • Metallic chips, small stones, snow etc. do not stick to the wheels
  • Very short length behind the forks
  • Low truck weight and tight turning angle
  • Optimum space utilisation in confined areas
  • Special soft rubber wheels (both steering and fork wheels)
  • Minimum friction of all movable parts
  • Close tolerances
  • Tests with up to 46,000 lifts
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Minimum wear – fewer maintenance costs
  • Ergonomically correct handle
  • Minimum starting power
  • Permanent quick lift
  • Adjustable fork height

Modern Eastern offers full installation, service, spares and after-sales support for pallet trucks throughout all cities in Saudi Arabia (KSA), UAE, and Bahrain.

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