Vacuum Glass Lifter

We offer a wide range of vacuum glass lifters that ensure safe and efficient handling of glass sheets.

Our Vacuum Glass lifters cater to both indoor and outdoor applications. For indoor use, our TAWI glass manipulators from Sweden lift glass sheets weighing up to 250 kgs, providing reliable and precise handling for delicate tasks. For heavy-duty outdoor lifting, our Righetti glass manipulators from Italy can handle glass sheets weighing up to an impressive 3000 kgs, designed specifically for use with lifting cranes.

To meet the unique requirements, our Glass Lifting Equipments can be customized with rotate and tilt functions, allowing for precise positioning and installation of glass. This customized Vacuum Glass Lifters ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency during glass lifting operations.

Our Vacuum Glass lifters offer versatile power options: battery-powered, electric-powered, or compressed air-powered versions (pneumatic). Each option delivers reliable performance for  glass lifting needs. Increase convenience and control with a radio remote control, enabling operators to handle glass sheets from a distance, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Discover a wide range of Vacuum Glass Lifters designed for handling glass sheets. Our versatile Glass Lifting Equipments features extensions and modular frames, allowing for customized pad configurations to accommodate various load dimensions.

Modern Eastern is the authorized distributor for TAWI and Righetti products in KSA, UAE and Bahrain. We offer full installation, sales and after-sales service, repairs, and spares for all TAWI products.

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