Abdul Latif Jameel

Case Study – Lifting Oil Cartons at Abdul Latif Jameel Toyota with Mobile Order Picker

Project Details:
Abdul Latif Jamil is the exclusive distributor of Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia. Abdul Latif Jameel’s employees were finding it difficult to manually lift engine oil can cartons in their warehouse. Each engine oil carton weighed approximately 40 kgs and it required a lot of manpower at their warehouses to manually pick individual cartons off the shelf for customer deliveries.

Modern Eastern supplied TAWI Mobile Order Picker to the customer which could easily solve their problem. The mobile order picker could easily attach itself to the forklift and pick individual cartons with great ease from the shelfs and onto the pallets. Multiple suction feet options and a quick connect mechanism ensured that employees at ALJ didn’t lose any time while handling cartons of different sizes and weights. Add to it the local service and support offered by Modern Eastern in Jeddah, Abdul Latif Jameel Toyota found the best lifting solution suited for their requirement.