DHL Dubai


Case Study – Box Lifting with TAWI Vacuum Lifter at DHL Innovation Center, Dubai


Project Details:
The DHL MEA Innovation Center is a mobile state-of-the-art facility where customers, partners, academia, and thought leaders can experience the next generation of logistics in an interactive showroom environment. Visitors can discover relevant trends and insights today that reveal value for tomorrow and connect with DHL’s open innovation ecosystem of partners to more quickly and easily find and deliver ground-breaking solutions. DHL is one of TAWI’s very important customers across the globe. Modern Eastern was tasked with installing the new TAWI high-frequency lifter at DHL Innovation Center in Dubai and to train the DHL team on getting used to lifting heavy boxes using TAWI’s latest vacuum lifter.

TAWI’s Vacuum Lifters have been a favorite in the Logistics sector for its ease of use and also for improving lifting ergonomics and thereby promoting employee health and safety.

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