Vacuum Sack Lifter

Case Study – Vacuum Sack Lifter at BESIX production plant, UAE

Project Details:

Since first going into action in 1909, the BESIX Group has over the years grown into a multidisciplinary company with a leading position in its markets: construction, property development and concessions. BESIX Contracting specializes in construction, infrastructure, and marine works, often in contracts with a high level of complexity.
Besix is maintenance contractor for Naqa’a Desalination Plant (Mubadala) in Sharjah. They were looking for an ergonomic lifting solution to lift 25Kg Bags to lift to their filling machine for their filter processing. The bags were lifted by their operators manually into the filler.


Modern Eastern installed the TAWI Vacuum Sack Lifter unit with a wall mounted jib crane to reduce the footprint on the factory floor. Wall mounted jib arms are a great solution in such scenarios.

After the installation, the process required a single employee to lift the bags in less time, with less effort, and less risk. The new implemented system completely reduced load on worker’s back and in turn improved efficiency.