Hempel Paints

Vacuum Paint Can Lifting

Case Study – Revolutionizing Vacuum Paint Can Lifting in ATEX Environments at Hempel Paints, KSA

Project Details:
Hempel is a world leader in paints and protective coatings and controls a lion’s share of the market in the Middle East. Hempel Paints have traditionally been a TAWI customer across the world and when they required an ergonomic lifting solution suitable for ATEX environments at their new state of the art factory in Jeddah, KSA they looked no further.

The challenge was to lift multiple cans at the same time from the conveyor belts onto the pallets. The complete unit had to be in Stainless Steel to comply with ATEX regulations and all electrical components including the vacuum pump were to be ATEX certified.


Modern Eastern installed and commissioned a custom made TAWI Vacuum paint can lifting units with a floor mounted jib crane with suction feet suitable for all types of cans. This unit could lift 4 cans at a time and let workers improve efficiency by achieving lifting speeds and control that would not be possible using a traditional pneumatic manipulator. The design process was challenging in an ATEX process but the expertise of the TAWI engineers and the cooperation of the Hempel team, we were able to deliver a solution which lived upto all the expectations of the end user.